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Women's World Cup

During a call for gender equality in sports, Nike put its weight behind a complete women's soccer kit. To launch the kit, I took an editorial approach and shined the spotlight on of Nike's marquee women athletes, Alex Morgan. The soccer kit was a bestseller in a week. 


For Go Skateboarding Day, Nike wanted to activate their skater base. In the weeks leading up to the big day, we encouraged skaters to download the updated Nike SB app, which was reloaded with new tricks to try and cool recording features. Skaters around the world teamed up virtually with other skaters in their city to stack recorded tricks in the app and have Nike back their street cred. On Go Skateboarding Day, Nike threw skate jams in parks where skaters competed for cash prizes. It was the best day ever.


As Kobe Bryant was getting ready to retire , he was also preparing to release a shoe that captured the essence of his career. Kobe was inspired by various elements of martial arts and we brought those elements into the digital promotion for the shoe in a new and exciting way. In addition to the desktop site, we created a mobile site that utilized a phone’s movements, sound, and vibrations.

The Art of Attack digital experience told Kobe’s story and as users explored the experience elements reacted to their phone’s movements, played environmental sounds, and vibrated to animations.

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